#WarOnRona Wellness & Resiliency Webinar

#WarOnRona Wellness & Resiliency Webinar

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Rona got you down? Are you stressed and overwhelmed juggling work, home schooling, and family? Are you feeling a lack of control over your life that is negatively affecting your mental and behavioral health?

Fear not. Help is on the way!

In this three part webinar series taught by Dr. Jennifer Turner (DrPH) you will learn:

  • How to manage stress
  • How to get organized
  • What healthy eating is
  • What effective exercise
  • Develop a unique-to-you framework and PLAN for how YOU can live a healthy life and become the empowered person YOU were designed to be.

You will come away from this seminar with the knowledge, tools, and coping skills to take control of your health (and life) to become unconditionally fit and empowered, win the #WarOnRona and be MAD COOL!

Each weekly live session is 1 hour. After buying the seminar, you will receive a zoom link.

Are you ready to be MAD COOL? Now let's get to work!